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Typical schedule for our litters is below, frequent updates are sent to prospective families throughout the breeding and pregnancy and of course an update when we do ultrasound and finally at X-Ray time!! Also, updates are sent each week or more often after the puppies arrive. 

Week 1-2: Careful observation of mom and pups, assisting her as needed in the care of her babies. Start ENS (Early neurological stimulation, can start as early as day 3, but may be longer depending on if whelp was demanding on the pups).

Week 2-3: Pups eyes begin to open and they begin to explore their world. ENS and other Puppy Culture protocols continue. 

Week 3-4: Start of weaning onto warmed goats milk first and then a goats milk and ground turkey mixture, we leave this up to the mom on when she’s says they are ready. She can continue to feed them as long as she desires, but we will begin to supplement them.

Week 5: Potty training begins with litter pans and then transition to outside. Puppies are ready for visitors – I will scheduled a puppy party so you can come out and see and play with the puppies. 

Week 6: Crate training begins. Puppies get their lion trims. Puppies typically are eating an 80/10/10 mix of ground meat, organ, and bone, added pre/probiotics and salmon oil and snacking on frozen chicken wings which also helps with teething.

Week 7: First Vet visit, microchips are inserted, and temperament testing happens during this week, these results as well as our observations of them over the past 7 weeks helps with placement decisions. *CAER eye exams are done, depending on Ophthalmologist availability (if not must be done prior to 6 months of age). 

Week 8: Structural evaluations happen during this week, to help determine if we have puppies that would possibly make good show/performance prospects. 

Week 8-9: Placement decisions are made. A list is sent of items you will need on hand when your puppy comes home. 

Week 9-10: Puppies are ready to go home, puppies will be registered with AKC and AKC Reunite to their new owner! Puppies go home with all paperwork, a blanket, a toy from the litter box, a collar/leash etc. 

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