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Every puppy that goes home, will go home with a signed contract. As owners of one of our puppies you become our family and throughout the life of your dog you can always count on us to be there to help you with questions, concerns and to celebrate accomplishments. Our number one goal is to produce happy and healthy dogs and to place them in the right homes. Sometimes life happens and things do not work out, our contract ensures that our dogs are always taken care of and will never end up in a shelter or uncared for. 

Our Health Guarantees in our contracts cover that your PWD will be free from crippling Hip Dysplasia up to one year of age and also will be free from GM-1, PRA, JDCM and IC Coat. Our contract does not cover any acquired diseases or vet costs. 

Our contract requires that if at any time you are unable to care for your dog, that we will take the dog back. If a dog is taken back, we will evaluate the dog and rehome as needed to only new homes that have been vetted.

Our goal is not to add to the overpopulation of unwanted pets, so our non-breeding contracts must be complied with. We do not support Puppy Mills or Backyard Breeders who do not follow PWDCA guidelines for health testing or betterment of the Breed. 

*For more details please see your specific contract for dog, or ask for a sample contract here

If you are researching Breeders and you are not able to go and meet the people and meet the dogs, that is a RED FLAG. If you are asked to send money without further details or seeing the dog(s) in person that is a RED FLAG. Please do not contribute to the scams based on them saying you can get the puppy immediately. Do your homework and save yourself the heartache and don't encourage them to continue to  scam others. 

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